EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How to comply with the EU GDPR

Your organization serves customers in the EU and you want to make sure that you comply with the European GDPR? We encourage you to rely on our hassle-free GDPR cloud documentation service. Let’s review your services to make sure they’re compliant with GDPR requirements or at least EU GDPR recommendations, as we still don’t have a new GDPR deal between Europe and the US after the Privacy Shield fall in 2018.

When do you need to be GDPR compliant?

The answer is quite easy. If you process data of European individuals you have to comply with the EU GDPR. It doesn’t matter if we think of B2C or B2B, every personal data processing relates to this topic. This includes your B2C customers, your business contacts from suppliers, or contacts from any service providers involved into your business.

We know this topic can easily turn out to be complicated, and often enough it is. But you will see that an orderly procedure will take the pain out of these hurdles. We get you started and make your processes as compliant as possible! Think of the liberating feeling when you’ve accomplished the 30,000 feets altitude and only have to maintain the process from time to time. No more fear of the possible harsh punishments! No more question marks about what to do with regular internal audits, a customer query about data protection or a data breach problem.

We take care of your EU GDPR documentation as a cloud service

Nothing needs to be turned upside down regarding your business processes after you decide to develop your so-called data protection management system. Sounds like a difficult thing to do, but we’re guiding you on rails to make it happen. You can put all the necessary questions, audits and documentation in our hands and become a member of our GDPR cloud service! We use an European leading provider for GDPR cloud documentation (Lukmann Consulting GmbH). This is a full service solution where no separate documentation at your side is needed. You don’t have to interact with our cloud user interface at all as we do this completely for you. We can also set up a free user account for you. Please think about choosing this way if …

  • … you don’t want to deal with an own GDPR documentation infrastructure (100% cloud documentation!)
  • … you like to be embedded into a scheduled regular audit process for any established measures, inkl. reports
  • … you have to deal with tons of sensitive user data (this means racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or ideological beliefs, union membership, genetic data, biometric data, health or sexual orientation data) and want to discuss ways to protect them as required
  • … you regularly process personal data from European customers with 20+ employees as their main job and therefore need an EU data protection officer

Please book a call (phone/VC) if you feel this way would be right for you. Let’s talk about details to address so that we’re able to give an offer to you for our service. Or simply use the contact form below to request an individually planned time frame for our call or to send us your message.

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